This year take the mess out of the holiday! Enjoy your family instead of spending your day in the kitchen! You all know Jake is the master of flavor!  He’s been catering Turkey Day Dinner for about 16 years and we’re ready to cater yours!  The turkey will be segmented and you can choose white or dark meat (or both).  The Sides will be sold by the pound and we suggest at least a 1/2 pound per person so you will have a little leftover hopefully (what’s Thanksgiving without leftovers the next day?!).  If you have big eaters you may want to order even more. Here is our menu….


~Jake’s Roast Turkey  ($16 a pound, white or dark meat?)

~Sides ($12 a pound)~

~Unstuffed Stuffing     ~Orange Cranberry & Pineapple Relish

~Buttermilk Mashies    ~Maple Braised Carrots    ~Green Bean Amandine

~Jake’s “Buntyn” Dinner Rolls (minimum order of 6, $2 each)

~Gravy (4 oz. suggested portion per person.  $1 an oz.)

~Pies ($21 each)~

~Pumpkin    ~Chocolate Cream    ~Gooey Butter    ~Flourless Chocolate Fudge



Feel free to come in and order or Call 206-842-5595 or Email

Pickup will be the Wednesday (11/23) before Turkey Day.  Cheers to a happy & healthy holiday season!!!