(Our house made pizza crust, made with organic flour and cut into squares)
($1.50 – $2.50 a piece depending on type.  Minimum order of 24 per type.)

~Basil Pesto and Roasted Vegetables
~Gyro Flatbread with Lamb, Tzatziki, Cucumber, Tomato, Kalamata
~BBQ Pulled Pork
~Spicy Buffalo Chicken

~Three Cheese and Jake’s Marinara
~Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese

(These could also be ordered as whole pies at store prices. Specialty pizzas can be ordered upon request)


(on our house made buns, made w/organic flour and eggs. Minimum order of 12)

~BBQ Pulled Pork w/ Mustard Cole Slaw ($4.50 each)

~Wild King Salmon (ask for availability) with Tartar Sauce ($6.50 each)

~Miniature Shrimp Salad Sliders ($4.50)

~Smoked Filet of Beef with Horseradish Parmesan Cream Sauce ($5 each)

Other Hors D’oeuvres

(minimum orders may apply)

~Caramelized Onion & Goat Cheese Crostini ($2 each)

~Mozzarella Capresé Skewers ($2.50 each) (Basil Vinaigrette Marinated Buffalo Mozzarella, Kalamata Olive and Tomatoes)

~Tomato Basil Bruscetta on Crostini ($2 each)

~Walnut & Parmesan Stuffed Endive ($3.50 each) (Celery, Walnut, Parmesan, Lemon cradled in an endive leaf)

~Pepper Crusted & Griddled Seared Ahi Tuna on Cucumber w/ Tobikko Aioli or Herbed Cream Cheese ($3 each)

~Petit King Salmon Croquettes with Lemon Cocktail Sauce ($4 each)

~BBQ Sausage Cheese Platter with an assortment of Cheeses, Sauces, Pickles, Peppers, & Crackers ($5 per person)

~BBQ Pork Deviled Eggs (Made with Organic Eggs. $2 each)

~Cheddar, Kalamata & Green Onion Stuffed Baby Bell Peppers ($2.25 each) This is also delicious on Rye Toast Points (same price)

~Spinach Dip Crudité with an Assortment of Vegetables ($4.50 per person)

~Smoked Salmon Mousse Crudité with Vegetables ($6 per person)

Dessert Ideas

Everything is made with organic flour. We have lots of desserts in our pastry case and everything is available.

Here are a couple of ideas perfect for Appetizer Style Parties… 

A hybrid of a Scone & a Donut. “Better than a scone, better for you than a donut.”

Staple flavors: (Seasonal flavors also available)   Organic Blueberry, Strawberry-Coconut, and Choc-Chip ($3 each)

~Chocolate Draper Cake Bites
(A dense chocolate cake topped with a chocolate frosting) ($1.25 per piece)

~Gooey Butter Cake Bites
(One of our faves! It’s like a Blondie met a Cheesecake) ($1.25 per piece)


BBQ Pulled Pork, Oven Roasted Turkey or Chicken, Ahi Tuna Salad
($18 a pound.  4-5 oz. portions are standard for one person)

Jake’s House Smoked Salmon
($24 a pound, $2 an oz.  Made with Sockeye or Wild King Salmon. Whole Fillets available upon request and priced accordingly)

Mustard Cole Slaw or Dill Potato Salad
($10 a pound.  4 oz. portions are standard for one person)

Jake’s Specialty Vegetable Salads
($12 a pound.  Seasonal.  Call for availability.)

BBQ “Six Packs”
($75, feeds 6 people….can be upgraded to any quantity you need)
BBQ Pulled Pork ~ BBQ Sauce ~ Mustard Cole Slaw ~ Dill Potato Salad ~ Jake’s Buntyn Rolls

Fine Dining Dinners or Luncheons
The Sky’s the Limit!

Before Jake’s Pickup opened, “Angel’s Food” was up and running as a high end catering company in the San Juan Islands.
Filet of Beef with Parmesan Risotto and Ratatouille…. Wild King Salmon on a bed of Crispy Vegetables with Sesame Ginger Glaze…
Want to have an extra special dining experience?  You know where to go!

Minimum order of $300 for delivery